Time Travelers: Masters of Perspective and Drinking

Studying history is enriching. It gives us perspective. Perspective helps us find meaning and purpose. This is especially true for time travelers. They live in a world of crumbling meaning brought about by abandoning their native time to meander through other peoples’ time.

Ironically, future people foolishly attempt to use time travel to reclaim the purpose that time travel ripped from them. It’s a futile circle of doom. They crisscross time, trying to unwrap a mystery embedded in history and human nature in a vain attempt to recover from their ennui.

Time travelers have one other common trait and that is self medication. They particularly like alcohol. Time travelers are pretty much history junkies who like to party.

If you want to see a time traveler, head over to the Georgia Freight Depot on August 24th for Party With The Past, sponsored by the Atlanta History Center.

Advertisement for Party With The PastThis event is incredibly popular with the children of our blighted future. Time travel agents are constantly sending time travelers back in time to this event.

Time travelers like mingling with people of the past described by historians of more recent pasts. They return to their native time and laugh at the old timers and discuss the bias and flawed analysis of historians they’ve personally visited. That may be amazing but Party With The Past offers more!

In addition to the perspective described above, time travelers get to drink alcohol while watching old timers discussing a recorded history they visited prior to attending the party. We can’t trace every perspective they squeeze from it. It’s convoluted but that’s the way time travelers like it.

How do you know a time traveler when you see one? You’ll see their smug face alone at the bar, talking too loud, trying too hard to have fun; unable to hide their disdain, acting like they know everyone and everything.

Kanye West
Possible Time Traveler

They can ruin a party, but you don’t have to let them. Make up some flattering award and present it to them. The more ambiguous the better. They’ll quiet down as they ponder what outstanding quality you recognized in them. This works because even though time travelers are masters of perspective, they’re as vain as hell.


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