The Painful Experience of Time Travel

Oh the painful experience of time travel. Time travelers must lose their fleshy parts before crossing the time barrier. Strip away the skin, blood, and bone until only the essential “you” is left, and what you are, is a single vibrating string. The string and its unique vibration pattern is the essential you. Future people call this stripping away, “reduction.”

Reduction is the only way you can pass cleanly through a quantum worm hole. We don’t have the energy to make wormholes any larger, and if we could, it would be too dangerous.

Reduction sucks and hurts

The excerpt below, from Albert Feynman’s laboratory notebook, appears to depict the painful experience of a time traveler being chewed up as they are sucked into a quantum black hole.

Drawing depicting the painful experience of time travel
Page from Dr. Albert Feynman’s lab notebook

The notebook entry is reproduced verbatim below:

Reduction is the first step in time travel. It’s so painful, you’d have to be crazy to do it. Time travelers have to be crazy.


-Albert Feynman

This explains why we aren’t awash in time travelers and why you should exercise extreme caution when you suspect you’re near one. They’re crazy. You can’t go through that and come out in a good mood.



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